Cut budget on Google Ads with a limited effect on revenue.

Learn how to cut marketing budget and ramp-up again
Webinar, livestream

About The Webinar

How to cut budget smart with limited effect on revenue

Your manager comes to your desk and gives you a clear order. Reduce the marketing budget by 30% this month.  So what do you do? Many marketers make a quick assessment of how the sales generated from each channel and based on that decide to decrease in ad spend for each channel.


When it comes to Google Ads, cutting budget smart is a very time consuming and complex task. On this webinar, we explain why and how to solve that for E-commerce companies. We also cover how to ramp up the budget after a down period.


What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Why cutting cost is complex and takes time in Google Ads and Shopping

  • Google Ads, search
  • Google Shopping


How to cut cost smart and ramp up again 

  • Google Ads, search
  • Google Shopping

Who should attend?

  • Digital Marketing Specialists with the responsibility of SEO/SEM for E-commerce companies
  • E-commerce managers
  • CMO/CEO for E-commerce companies

Keynote Speaker

Morten Barkfeld
Founder Keywordio, X-Google
Jonas Theodorsson
Business developer global Ecommerce, Keywordio
Andrej No Internet
Andrej Penkov
Head of Client success Keywordio, X-Google


12:40 CET
The challenge with cutting the budget smart when you have multiple channels
Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson
12:50 CET
Key areas to consider in Google Ads when cutting the budget
Morten Barkfeld
13:15 CET
How to cut budget smart and ramp up again with Q&A
Andrej Penkov

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