How to use Google Ads and Augmented reality to increase your revenue for Retail and Ecommerce

Webinar together with Google and Charpstar
Webinar, live streamed on Youtube

About The Webinar


For many E-commerce companies today Google Ads is a very important marketing channel to find new customers. In this webinar, we will focus on how you can reduce your marketing spend and still keep your revenue. 

The key to being successful with this is to have a seamless experience from your ads to a highly engaging landing page that will convert your new customers. 
By the use of AI and Augmented reality AR, you can impact this at scale for your E-commerce business.
Key takeaways
- How does your first Impression with your customer look like?
- How you can solve this disconnect with the help of AI at scale.
- How to optimize product pages with simple tips and tricks and the latest AR 

Keynote Speaker

Per Granstrand Google
Per Granstrand
Head of Channel Sales, Google
Jonas Hagströmer
Co-owner, Business Developer Global E-commerce, Keywordio
Emil Charpentier
Emil Charpentier
Founder & CEO, Charpstar


12:05 CEST
Intro and trends within increased AI and AR
Per Granstrand, Google
12:15 CEST
How to lower your CPC and increase your conversion rate
Jonas Hagströmer, Keywordio
12:30 CEST
How to increase conversion rate with AR
Emil Charpentier, Charpstar

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