How to run Google Ads at scale for Ecommerce companies

Webinar, live streamed on Youtube

About The Event

The fundamental challenge for every large E-commerce company is finding profitable growth with a limitation of time. With a large number of products, categories, prices, countries, and campaigns running simulations. Time is a limiting factor and you always need to priorities doesn't matter if you are using an in-house team or an external agency. Running Google ads brings even more complexity to the table like bidding, finding the right keywords, optimize Google Shopping, feed management,  offer management or managing your current agency and controlling them with reporting.

With the latest technology and development in AI and Business Intelligence, every marketer has access to a new set of signals and data points.

What you’ll learn in this seminar:

Why are Google ads more complex with more opportunities today.

The latest tools and features that will automate your or your agencies work  

How Keywordio´s custom made AI solution together with Business intelligence can help you beat the competition.  

Keynote Speaker

Jonas Theodorsson
Morten Barkfeld
X-Google and founder Keywordio
Simon Fransson
Lisa Wedsberg
Strategic Partner Development , Google


12:10 CET
Lisa Wedsberg
Google, Automation and signals used for Google ads and Google Shopping
12:20 CET
Morten Barkfeld
Keywordio,How to run Google ads for Ecommerce at Scale
12:30 CET

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