Micro Influencer and Life Time Value for E-commerce

Webinar together with ReDeal on how to leverage Life Time value and micro influencer in online marketing
Webinar, live streamed on Youtube

About The Webinar

Micro Influencers and Lifetime Value for fast growing E-commerce

Finding your most valuable customers and turning them into micro influencers through referral marketing is a dream for many E-commerce companies. Google, Keywordio and Redeal have a solution to this challenge.

With a constantly decreasing attention span and a bounce rate of more than 50% if you have a page speed exceeding 3 seconds.  It is more important than ever to segment and find your most valuable customers with the highest Lifetime Value and turn them to an army of micro-influencers.

What you’ll learn in this seminar:

Should you optimize your marketing budget for Lifetime Value? How can you do that at scale for Google Ads? How can you turn your most valuable customers into micro influencers through referral marketing?

Who should attend?

  • Digital Marketing Specialists with the responsibility of SEO/SEM for E-commerce companies

  • E-commerce managers

  • CMO/CEO for E-commerce companies

ReDeal Referral Marketing

At Redeal we are developing future referral marketing services for digital commerce. We have developed the digital solution for what has been the foundation of marketing for hundreds of years - satisfied customers who recommend their favourite stores, favourite products or favourite services for their friends and family.


Keynote Speaker

Victor Wennerholm
CEO ReDeal
Jonas Hagströmer
Head of Growth Keywordio
Emil Andersson
Emil Andersson
Strategic Partner Development


13:05 CET
Intro and why Micro Influencer and Life Time Value is Important
Emil Andersson, Google
13:15 CET
Life Time Value for E-commerce customers
Jonas Hagströmer, Keywordio
13:25 CET
Micro Influencers
Victor Wennerholm, ReDeal

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