Promotion and Dynamic Pricing in Retail

Leveraging Machine Learning to Increase Order Value and Conversion Rates
12 June 2020
Webinar, livestream

About The Webinar

Promotion and Dynamic Pricing in Retail: Leveraging Machine Learning to Increase Order Value and Conversion Rates

In this session, we will do a deep dive into how to leverage dynamic pricing and promotions to grow incremental revenue for your business. 

Jonas Theodorsson from Keywordio will share how to analyze your assortment and use those insights for an effective promotion strategy with a case for ecommerce using Google Ads as the main customer acquisition channel.

Ph.D Oliver Gindele from Datatonic will take you through how to design, build and deploy a dynamic pricing solution to drive incremental revenue for your business. Using Google cloud and the latest technology in machine learning.   

What you’ll learn in this seminar:

  • How to analyze your assortment and set up experiments for promotions.
  • Introduction to machine learning in retail
  • How dynamic pricing can impact your business
  • Project example: Increasing order value through dynamic delivery pricing 

Who should attend?

  • Digital Marketing Specialists with the responsibility of SEO/SEM for E-commerce companies
  • E-commerce managers
  • CMO/CEO for E-commerce companies


Datatonic are a team of data specialists who build bespoke machine learning and analytics solutions for global brands within retail and media. They were recently named Google Cloud’s Global ML/AI Partner of the Year.

Keynote Speaker

Oliver Gindele Ph D Datatonic
Oliver Gindele
Ph.D CIO Datatonic
Jonas Theodorsson
Business developer global Ecommerce, Keywordio


13:15 CET
Promotion and Pricing Analysis for Ecommerce and Retail
Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson
13:30 CET
Machine Learning in Retail: Context & Key Trends
Oliver Gindele
13:45 CET
Dynamic Delivery Pricing: Feasibility & Business Impact
Oliver Gindele

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