Exclusive recruitment event with Keywordio @Google

We believe you are a top performer within your current role. You know that combining data, focus and a growth mindset is the key to learn fast and create extraordinary results.
Google Kungsbron 2 , Stockholm

About The Event

Keywordio is a fast growing and digital born technology company founded by two top performers from Google. We work really hard to surround our selves with extraordinary people. So join this event hosted @Google.  This recruitment event is designed like everything else we do to give you valuable insights, ideas, and inspiration. Maybe we get to work together in the future.


Locations and open positions related to this event

Client Success: Relocate to the digital hub of Europe and join our client success team in Dublin.

Sales and Marketing: Stay in Stockholm and 10X our business development for the Europen market.

Who should attend?

You like to learn and challenge your self every day. You are always searching for new ways to answer the hard questions. You are doing a great job in your current position but you are looking for your next challenge in your career.

What you will learn?

You will get new insights and inspiration what the future of digital marketing looks like. How tech companies like Google building top performing teams in a digital world. How Keywordio leverage technology to disrupt the fast-growing industry Digital Marketing.

How to sign up?

Sign up on the waiting list below and connect with us on our Career page.  The number of seats is limited and we will release tickets to the most relevant candidates one week before the event.

What service does Keywordio deliver?

Keywordio is an advertising technology company built for driving digital sales for fast-growing E-commerce companies. The expert team combined with our AI technology and business Intelligence makes us unique within the field of digital marketing for E-commerce.

Keynote Speaker

Jonas Theodorsson
Jonas Theodorsson
Head of Sales Europe, Keywordio
Morten Barkfeld
Morten Barkfeld
X-Google and founder Keywordio
Speaker Image
Emil Andersson
Strategic Partner Development , Google


Emil Andersson, Google
Coffee and welcome to Google
Morten Barkfeld, Keywordio
Digital Marketing is a fast growing Industry. Morten will share his lessons learned from Google, working in diversified teams of extraordinary people.
Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson, Keywordio
Jonas will share what he learned from 1000 interviews of top talent engineers and what we believe extraordinary looks like at Keywordio.

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