The future of Digital Marketing

Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson, Keywordio will give a guest lecture on the future of Digital Marketing
Stockholm School of Economics

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already transforming the technological landscape. From digital assistants to image-recognition software to self-driving cars, what was once the stuff of science fiction is now becoming a reality. But what exactly does it mean for marketing and advertisers?

Google Ads, Google Shopping and YouTube are powerful platforms for E-commerce business development. To optimize in highly competitive markets with fast changes you really need to use a custom-made AI solution for your strategy. To keep track   that your solution is running according to your strategy a Taylor made Business Intelligence tool is the key to success.

Keynote Speaker

Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson
Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson
Head of Sales Europe, Keywordio


Summary of digital marketing channels
Business intelligence for retail companies
Artificial intelligence AI and data to drive digital marketing

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