The pivot point for retail, new offline and online concepts

Tactics and strategies that impact sales for today's competitive retail landscape. Keywordio, Google & DIBS
Webinar, live streamed on Youtube

About The Webinar

It's tough to build a retail business today. The average profit margin is low and we can read about stores closing down daily. For Swedish retailers, a study from last year shows that the margin on average is 3%, ( Svensk Handel ) and for the lowest-performing companies, the trend is even worse. 


But there are outliers that really go in the opposite direction. These companies open new stores, they leverage data and digital marketing. On this webinar, you will get a summary of those strategies and tactics presented by Keywordio, Google and DIBS. 


What you will learn on this webinar

  • New ideas and inspiration for retail concept that can pivot your business
  • How to leverage digital marketing to drive online visitors and the right foot traffic.
  • How to optimize your Google Ads driven sales and offers during peak seasons.

Keynote Speaker

Per Granstrand Google
Per Granstrand
Head of Channel Sales, Google
Jonas Hagströmer
Co-owner, Business Developer Global E-commerce, Keywordio
Patrik Muller DIBS Keywordio Google ads
Patrik Müller
E-commerce Expert, DIBS


Intro and global trends within retail
Per Granstrand, Google
How to leverage digital marketing to drive online visitors and the right foot traffic
Jonas Hagströmer, Keywordio
New ideas and inspiration for retail concepts that can pivot your business. Q&A Session
Patrik Müller, DIBS

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