How to build trust within E-commerce

Webinar together with Trustpilot on how to segment and build trust in online marketing 
Webinar, live streamed on Youtube

About The Webinar

Webinar togheter with Google, Keywordio and Trustpilot on how to build trust within E-commerce. 

More info and a detailed agenda will soon be announced. 

Trustpilot is a leading independent review platform - free and open to all. With more than 56 million reviews of over 260,000 companies, Trustpilot gives people a place to share and discover reviews of businesses, while giving every business the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results. Our mission is to bring consumers and companies together to create ever improving experiences for everyone.



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Keynote Speaker

To be announced
Jonas Hagströmer
Head of Growth Keywordio


12:05 CET
Intro and why trust is important for the future of E-commerce
12:15 CET
Jonas Hagströmer
Keywordio, How to segment and find your E-commerce customers
12:25 CET
How to build trust for E-commerce

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